About us

Frani Plast LLC, was founded in 2002 year. Our experience and professionalism bring innovation, energy efficiency, quality, safety, and environmental and aesthetic sense in the construction of your home, where the happy moments are your everyday experience.
Gorge Frangov, the son of Dimitar Frangov, positioned the company as a successful Macedonian brand that builds towards its mission as a leading innovative company with full private capital. Led by his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, in 2010 the company introduced a Rotomolding machine for polyethylene containers and polyethylene boats. production.

  • Frani Plast provides a complete range of services in the following areas:

    • Production of PVC carpentry
    • Production of Aluminum carpentry
    • Production of polyethylene containers with the capacity of 300l, 500l, 700l, and 1000l.
    • Production of Polyethylene Boats
    • Production of Polyethylene Kayak
    • Production of Polyethylene RGB Pots
    • CNC cutting elements
  • The company can manufacture polyethylene products by order as well.

Our mission and objectives

Our mission and objectives Integrity and quality are not just statements for us. On the contrary, they the fundamental cornerstone of our work on which we build our ideas. The passion for what we do is a powerful tool in the realization of our objectives.

The following principles are our guidelines in achieving our goals:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Dedicated team work
  • Exceptional quality
  • Efficiency, economy and functionality.

We are looking for a distribution partners!

In order to expand our international presence and in order to establish new customer contacts and strengthen existing business contacts Frani Plast LLC is looking for distribution and business partners!

We are looking the distribution for our productcs:

  • polyethylene Containers with the capacity of 300l, 500l, 700l, and 1000l.
  • polyethylene Boats
  • polyethylene Kayak
  • polyethylene Light Pots

Are you interested?
For further information please contact us: contact@franiplast.com or call +389 71 327 334

Over the years the business changes and evolves, but the principles of quality assurance and professionalism remain unchangeable factor of our success.
One of the basic principles of professional conduct is compliance with environmental standards by using environment friendly materials.
As socially accountable, we consider it a long term process, and heritage for future generations.

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